Welcome to District 1, located on Manhattan’s Lower Eastside and East Village!

Summer Rising 2022

Summer Rising is New York City’s free summer learning plan for all children in grades K-12

Program Overview

Summer Rising will be available throughout the City to every New York City student, including students with disabilities. All programs will be run by local school leaders and trusted community-based organizations. Summer Rising programs are full day and in-person experiences. All programs will create a bridge back to school in the fall and give parents peace of mind as they return to work. The environment will be safe and supportive. Staff members are prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs. Summer programs will offer academic support, arts, recreation, and social-emotional support. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack will be served to each student.

City Trekkers 2022

City Trekkers 2022 gave students the opportunity to experience all of New York City has to offer! Students attended baseball games and their first Broadway shows. They went from amusement parks to seeing dinosaur bones in museums. City Trekkers afforded ALL students experiences they otherwise may not have the chance to experience. We believe kids learn best when they experience joy! We thank Trinity Church of Wall St. and Superintendent Carry Chan for giving kids these amazing opportunities to learn outside the classroom and see the amazing city called New York!