All DOE employees, students, families, & visitors seeking to enter DOE buildings must complete a health screening and show proof of vaccination before entering. Click Here.

Family Resources

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Every student is kid, so we offer a broad selection of comprehensive tools and resources in hopes of providing each and every student with an incredible learning experience tailored to their specific, individual needs.


Choices & Enrollment


Special Education

Working Papers — Minors ages 14 to 17


For information on Grab and Go meals (NYC Schools) and locations that have food pantries, mobile food pantries, soup kitchens, mobile soup kitchens and farmer’s markets (most accept EBT cards) click here.

For additional School Foods information such as school menus, food benefits, or menu nutritional information click here.

Food Pantry Locations and Times

For more information, visit Food Bank NYC. Families need to call the locations to make a reservation, photo ID needed.

Nazareth Housing Inc.

Louise’s Pantry – Lower East Side
(Tuesdays 9am)
206 E 4th Street NY NY, 10009

Primitive Christian Church

(Tuesdays 10am-12am)
209 East Broadway NY, NY 10002 (646-626-9748)

Cabrini Immigrant Services

(Tuesdays 8:30am-11:30pm)
139 Henry Street NY NY 10002 (212-791-4590)

Mental Health Services

The Office of Mental Health provides FREE crisis counseling. The site also provides tips to support with managing anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Call 844-863-9314 to receive FREE and confidential emotional support.

University Settlement

  • University Settlement’s mental health continuum has gone virtual and is accepting referrals.
    They offer:
    — Care Coordination
    — Home Based Crisis Intervention
    — Children’s Medicaid Services
    — Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
    — Mental Health Clinic

Contact or 917.837.2655 with support around mental health

Henry Street Settlement

Helpline: 347-493-2787
— Meal delivery and support for seniors
— Mental Health Services
— Filing for unemployment

Health Screenings are Required Before Visiting DOE Facilities

ALL DOE employees, visitors, and families must complete a health screening before entering DOE facilities. This health screening must be completed on each day of arrival. It can also be completed online here. Upon entering the facility, if you have not completed the online health screening, you will be asked to provide responses to the questions on the form provided in the button.